A Plaintiff, Defense & Worker’s Compensation Cases estimates the medical and non-medical needs of someone with projected Plaintiff, Defense & Worker’s Compensation Casesexpenses related to an injury or illness. It is a dynamic document based on published standards of practice, comprehensive assessments, and data analysis and research which provides and organized, concise plan for the current and future needs and associated expenses for individuals who have experienced catastrophic injuries or have chronic health care needs. Plan for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) burns, amputations, as well as neonatal and pediatric injuries/illnesses are commonly written.

Certified Life Care Planners can develop this tool, providing plaintiff and defense firms and their clients with a professional, holistic, all-encompassing and fiscally appropriate plan that can include an MSA upon request.

After the plan is created, an economist ensures that the program considers inflationary trends.

Forensically, Life Care Plans are used by plaintiff and defense lawyers to determine costs of future care for legal settlement purposes. Our nurses can monitor and evaluate treatment efficacy and cost, as well as critique the plans of opposing council. Our plans are also used to assist the courts in assessing the impact of a disability.

Expert Witness Services For Plaintiff, Defense & Worker’s Compensation Cases.

The primary role of a Nurse Life Care Planner is to develop a client specific lifetime plan of care utilizing the nursing process. Retaining a professional, experienced Registered Nurse who not only has the educational credentials, but also possesses a broad practical experience background working as a Nurse Practitioner provides credible data for case support for Plaintiff, Defense & Worker’s Compensation Cases.

A life care plan outlines an individual’s needs throughout the healthcare continuum, in multiple settings, and throughout life expectancy. Like any nursing care plan, a Life Care Plan must be flexible, with provisions for periodic re-evaluations and updates.  Source: AANLCP Scope and Standards