Medical Cost Projection

medical cost projection stack o moneyIs there a way to tell how much medical treatment is going to cost in the future? With medical cost projection, we will create a detailed account of how much the case is going to cost for that injury. When you’re looking for medical cost projection in Sacramento, California or the surrounding area we can help. Our highly skilled nursing professionals are here to help. Give us a call today at (209) 267-0890.

A medical cost projection provides an impartial third party estimation of the total costs of medical care, home care, medical equipment, and prescription drugs in a claim. This projection specifies either monies to reserve for workers’ compensation claims or a settlement amount for litigation. Future costs are a valuable tool for setting accurate reserves and are a key component for settlement purposes. The professionals at S.H.A accurately project costs connected to medical care.

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What Is A Medical Cost Projection

A medical cost projection or (MCP) is a medical cost containment process. Both medical and personal information are brought together to deliver a specialized report. This report generates reliable, evidence-based recommendations to help your client manage a large-loss claim.

Our Medical Cost Projection Report is a comprehensive yet affordable tool that is great for attorneys who are preparing for mediation or negotiation during the settlement process. The MCP Report is also utilized by insurance claims adjusters when settling reserves or planning for settlement.