Life Care Planner

Life Care PlannerSo what exactly is a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner (CNLCP®)

A life care plan is an individualized document describing the medical services, support, and equipment necessary for someone who has suffered a catastrophic injury or illness. Life care plans are vital in determining the bottom line of any settlement. Our life care plans consist of a detailed report of an individual’s medical history, current status, possible complications, and future costs for medical equipment and treatment.

Our Methodology Includes:

The Nursing Process

Life care planning is at the very core of our practice and includes an assessment, nursing diagnosis, and an individualized plan of care.  The Nurse Life Care planner reviews the medical records to understand the course of treatment, complications and outcomes. We discuss current symptoms, limitations, and abilities as a result of the injury and future care needs.  In addition, activities of daily living, psychosocial considerations, and family dynamics are all considered.

Practical Experience

As professional Life Care Planning experts, we are fully qualified to write defensible life care plans that will stand up in a court of law. Our expertise is built and developed on numerous certifications that extend beyond basic licensure. These achievements qualify us to prepare and write sound evidence-based life care plans.

Components of Life Care Planning may include:

Future Medical Care

Handicap adaptations

Assistive technology and adaptive equipment

Medical evaluations


Facility or home care services

Mobility equipment

Medical supplies

OrthoTICS (splints & braces)


Home furnishings